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Dr. Shaul Navon is a medical rehabilitation psychologist and expert instructor, a specialist in social-occupational psychology and a certified therapist and instructor in couple and family therapy.

Dr. Navon administered the Rehabilitative Psychology Services at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center's Rehabilitation Center.

He is certified in hypnosis and scientific research on hypnosis. He established the Hypnotherapy Services of the Clalit Health Services in Tel Aviv and the Hypnotherapy Services of the Meuhedet Health Services in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Navon established two other hypnotherapy services in the Tel-Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital): The first, in the hospital's Rheumatology Institute, is devoted to using hypnosis for treating fibromyalgia patients. The second, in the hospital's Gastroenterology Institute, treats functional syndromes of the digestive system (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) using hypnosis.

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Dr. Shaul Navon, Dr. Rina Feigin, Margalit Drori (2001). Paving the Way: Therapeutic Models for Family Coping with Sickness and Disability. Ramot Publishers, Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Shaul Navon is the scientific advisor for the Hebrew edition of the book: The shared experience of illness: Stories of patients, families, and therapists, Eds. William J Doherty, S. H. McDaniel, J. Hepworth. Dianon Publishers, Tel-Aviv University.

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