Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Psychological and medical problems
Dr. Shaul Navon, Senior Medical and Rehabilitation Psychologist
Senior Licensed Hypnotherapist, Senior Scientific Researcher in Hypnosis

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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Dr. Shaul Navon
Cell: 052-2723123
Mail: snavon@netvision.net.il

Dr. Shaul Navon is a Senior Medical, Rehabilitation, and Social-Vocational Psychologist. Dr.Navon is a Senior Licensed Hypnotherapist.

Dr. Navon was the director of the rehabilitation psychology services at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. He was the founder of the hypnotherapy clinic at the Tel Aviv Clalit Health Services and the Tel Aviv Mehuchedet Sick Fund. Dr. Navon was the founder of the hypnotherapy clinic at the Gastroenterology Unit and the Rheumatology Unit at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

Dr. Navon specialized in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in medical and psychological problems:
Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia; Cardiac Anxiety and post-MI psychological states; Dermatology: Verruca, Alopecia Areata; Gastroenterology: IBS, Reflux, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis; Oncology: Chemotherapy side-effects due to nausea and vomiting; Anxiety, Phobias, Flight phobia, sleep disturbances; Weight loss, Smoking cessation, Nail biting cessation; Somatization; Social Phobia, Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright of musicians and performers:

Dr. Navon specializes in treating stuck and resistant patients, helping them to turn their stuck and resistant situations into cooperation.